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United Nations Conciliation Commission

Conciliation between The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste and The Commonwealth of Australia

For information on the Conciliation you can go to the case page on the  website of the Permanent Court of Arbitration or use the links below for key releases and documents. The most recent are first:

Other Resources:

On behalf of the Government of Timor-Letse, the Maritime Boundary Office has produced  a comprehensive Policy Paper on Maritime Boundaries.

Launched on the 29th of August 2016 by the Timorese Prime Minister, this is a book, but easy to read, plenty of pictures and maps and a good overview in the first Chapter. Carries much of the substance of the Timor-Leste presentation made in The Hague. A 9 MB file.

The Maritime Boundary Office has produced a Map showing the position of "the boundary under international law"

Also for download is a One Page Fact Sheet and a Full Fact Sheet. Both are excellent sources of official/technical information.

For those of you who want more background on the Conciliation Commission check out their explainer. 

Last year they produced a booklet "The Council for the Final Delimitation of Maritime Boundaries"which gives a good background to the issue and explains about the Council they have set up to move things forward.

Back in 2013 Father Frank Brennan wrote a beaut article in in Eureka Street called "Time to Draw the Line". It sets things out very well and is a great background piece.

For a  fine account of the history with a personal touch read "Oil and Water" by Mark Aarons - not downloadable - but in our blog.

For a comprehensive history read "A Gap in the Relationship: the Timor Gap, 1972-2013" by Robert King, 75 pages of careful research.

To understand how Australia "took out the umpire" and denied Timor-Leste access to third party solutions read this report :"Two declarations by Australia"from the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties. The annotations are by a friend and help to understand what was going on.