International Solidarity

This week begins a week of international solidarity with the Timorese people. Protests will be held in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Dili, Manilla, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and through an online campaign running out of the USA. The protests have been organized this week marking the 14th anniversary of   Australia's withdrawal from the jurisdiction of the ICJ and ITLOS on the 21st of March 2002. This "Carve Out" only weeks before the restoration of East Timor's independence was a deliberate and cynical tactic to deny the our newest neighbour access to "an independent umpire" in matters related to its maritime borders.

The Timor Sea Forum is organizing the protest in Sydney and you can find further details here.

All are protests are urging the Government of Australia to:

  • Resubmit to the maritime boundary jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice
  • Immediately open negotiations for a permanent maritime boundaries based on the median line principle
  • Return all revenues taken unilaterally from the Timorese side of the halfway line

Last week a protest was held in Australia's capital city Canberra on Tuesday the 15th of March and we have compiled a report of that event here. It was held early to coincide with a "sitting day" of National Parliament and this enabled the participation of members of Parliament.