A Glimpse into the Secret Process - UN Conciliation Press Release No 7

In my inbox overnight was the latest press release from the Permanent Court of Arbitration regarding the UN Conciliation going on with Timor-Leste, Australia and the Conciliation Commission. The glimpses we get into this secret process are rare. My impression based on the press releases is that, although remaining hopeful, the Commission is less optimistic than they were after the meetings in Singapore [January 2017]. 


This latest release following meetings in Copenhagen last week is slightly more positive than the one which followed the Washington meetings [March 2017]. That one contained what I saw as 'red flags.' I still think our Government must be playing 'hard ball'. 

My takeaway from all this is that now is the time to be active. Sign the online petition. If you can get down to Canberra on Wednesday the 14 of June for our visit to Parliament House please do.

Our PM has again proclaimed the importance of international law in maritime disputes - lets make sure the Government knows we are watching the Timor Sea and looking for consistency.

Its not rocket science. International case law sets out how the boundary should be drawn. There is no doubt that it begins with the median line.