A Tale of the Missing Border in Timor Sea

27 April 2017

This article was first published on the webpage of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart.

The magnate who lives down the road from you has eyes on that lovely bit of land adjoining your two properties.


You'll have to go to Court, even though the expense makes you dip into what you've stashed away for the kids' education.

Still, if you win and you develop the land it will repay you, and you can then help set the kids up for life, plus improve your own house.  The land has actually been in your family for generations. Everything fell apart when that corrupt Council and its mercenary mayor tried to force you out years ago, fiddling the books, doing shady deals with those down the road, falsifying documents, and causing such distress.

No one knows how the Court will decide. But one of the worst things to have to endure is the attitude of the local media. They say that if you got that land and developed it, you'd probably waste the money. You don't know how to manage. You might fail. You haven't got a great track record in business. What would you know about anything, they say.

It all gets a bit tedious, really. How do they know how you'll manage? You've done some pretty amazing things, actually. You've done so well. When the Council came and tried to take your house, you stuck it out, and won. They backed off, and even though no one was put in jail, everyone knows about the corruption, and how they tried to get rid of you. Those down the road didn't help much. A lot of fence-sitting to see how things would pan out, and they made plans with the Council on how to carve up the whole site once you were gone. They changed at the very end, but it was a bit iffy for many years. But you didn't go, and you're still there. A bit of a thorn in the side, perhaps.

If your rich neighbours think they have a claim on the land, then they ought to go to the authorities, and sit down to make an agreement with you according to the law. You want the fence put half way between the two of you. Isn't that exactly what your neighbours down the road agreed with those on the other side of their property? So why won't they agree with you? The problem is, they've never taken you seriously. There's only a few of you, and your house is pretty small, not like theirs. Heck, with a place like that you'd wonder why they want your backyard too.

We ought to get a petition going. People ought to have a chance to say that you deserve a fair deal. And a fair deal is halfway, right?

Here's a petition and some background material. Please copy it, get some signatures and return the petition to the address stated.

It will be on the Parliament website in June, so people who go online can sign it there instead.

Let's make this a really BIG petition.

Susan Connelly rsj