Protest in Sydney 23 March


 On March 24, 2002, Australia withdrew from the maritime boundary jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice and the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.

For self-serving cynicism, little in Australia’s history beats this.

It happened just two months before the declaration of Timorese Independence in May 2002.

It left Timor-Leste in the position of having to deal directly with Australia over the absence of a maritime border between our two nations. No international umpire was able to monitor or intervene because of this Australian move.

On top of that, Australia has taken for itself disputed Timorese resources, (e.g. from Laminaria- Corallina) and has spied on Timorese negotiators.

Join us in a city protest on Wednesday 23 March

Action: Display of 6 banners calling for a border with Timor-Leste. (Many Australians are ignorant of the facts.)
When: 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. Wednesday 23 March 2016

Where: Choose the most convenient place for you.....

Action 1...

12:15 Gather at Archibald Fountain to receive banners (4). They are 4m long and 75 cm deep, needing a group to hold them. Those present then split up and stand at the four corners of Hyde Park, holding the banners to be seen by those passing in vehicles or on foot.

Action 2....

One banner outside Greenway Plaza, North Sydney. Group to decide which corner of the large intersection of Pacific Highway to stand at.

Action 3....

One banner outside DFAT Offices in Angel Place.

All actions....

  • there will be handouts that can be given to those who show interest

  • someone from each group to photograph and get it onto social media asap

For more background see an information sheet here.

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