Standing in Solidarity in Sydney

Protesters assembled outside of DFAT HQ in Sydney on the 7th o December.

Protesters assembled outside of DFAT HQ in Sydney on the 7th o December.


Monday marked the fortieth anniversary of the invasion of East Timor and the beginning of the horrific occupation which left so many dead and traumatised. 

To mark the day and call the Australian Government to begin negotiations on Timor-Leste's maritime boundary, a group assembled at midday for a silent protest outside the DFAT Offices at Angel Place, 123 Pitt Street, Sydney.

The Timor saga will not be over until the Timorese people get fair and permanent borders - surely a basic requirement for a sovereign nation.

Reflecting on "invasion day" we recall that in all that transpired 40 years ago and in the following years Australia was complicit through fore-knowledge, evasion, deception, greed, fear and fence-sitting.

Timor-Leste’s subsequent independence declared in 2002 is not complete.

Australia refuses to accede to the Timorese government’s request to finalise the Timor Sea border preferring rather to cling to previous arrangements, mostly made when Timor was illegally occupied.

This leaves both nations without an internationally recognised border between them. It is an intolerable situation which could be rectified in a straightforward manner if Australia so desired.

This protest was part of a growing campaign set to escalate in 2016 by the Timor Sea Forum, the Timor Sea Justice Campaign and other groups supporting East Timor's quest to delimit maritime 

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