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The issue of East Timor's maritime boundary has received plenty of coverage in the media and here we keep you up to date with a log of article titles, dates and links dating back to July 2015. Some of these links may bring you to a 'paywall' but in most cases access is free. 

September 2017

  • Copenhagen Agreement: Permanent Maritime Boundary of CMATS redux? [4 September] SBS
  • Bridging the Timor Gap [4 September] Inside Story
  • Australia and Timor Leste strike deal to end maritime boundary dispute [4 September] ABC Radio
  • Timor Justice Campaign cautiously optimistic on boundary agreement [4 September] ABC Radio
  • The Copenhagen breakthrough in the Timor Sea [4 September] John Menadue Blog
  • Maritime deal between Australia, Timor-Leste cautiously welcomed by analysts [3 September] SBS
  • Australia and Timor-Leste strike deal on maritime boundary dispute [3 September] Guardian
  • Australia and East Timor agree on the Timor Sea [3 September] Deakin Speaking Blog
  • Australia and Timor-Leste strike deal to end maritime boundary dispute [2 September] ABC
  • Australia, Timor Leste reach agreement in decade-old row on maritime border [2 September] Straits Times
  • Significant Progress in Timor Sea Negotiations [2 September] TSCJ Release
  • Congratulations well deserved to all [2 September] José Ramos-Horta FB
  • Australia and East Timor strike 'landmark' deal to end Greater Sunrise dispute [2 September] SMH
  • Timor-Leste Boundary Dispute Resolution [2 September] Labor
  • Stunning Breakthrough on Timor Sea Boundary [2 September] Mark Skulley Blogpost
  • Australia, East Timor Agree on Maritime Boundary [2 September] Wall Street Journal
  • Aust. East Timor reach maritime agreement [2 September] AAP
  • Timor Sea boundary dispute: Australia and Timor-Leste achieve 'historic' agreement [2 September] SBS

August 2017

  • East Timor's Xanana Gusmao to continue Greater Sunrise fight in the Hague [20 August] Age
  • Crossing The Line book extract [19 August] Age
  • U.S. Congress supports Timor-Leste's right to a fair maritime boundary with Australia [1 August] ETAN

July 2017

June 2017

  • The Big Winner of Timor-Leste's Parliamentary Elections? The Country Itself [16 June] The Diplomat
  • 'Disappointing' no ministers visited Timor [15 June] SBS
  • Penny Wong heads to East Timor [15 June] Sky News
  • Lawyer for Timor spy demands enquiry [14 June] AAP

February 2017

  • Australia can't give advice on territorial matters while still in dispute with East Timor: Bracks [22 February] News Corp
  • Steve Bracks on new film 'Time to Draw the Line' [21 February] ABC Radio

January 2017

  • Under the Radar: East Timor's $40 billion oil conundrum [28 January] Global Risk Insights
  • East Timor drops its spying case against Australia [25 January] ABC News
  • Australia, East Timor aim to agree maritime border by Sept [24 January] Reuters
  • Timor-Leste withdraws from Certain Maritime Arrangements in the Timor Sea [Cmats], which divides oil and gas revenue [24 January] The Guardian
  • Timor Leste withdraws spying case against Australia amid new sea border deal [24 January] SBS
  • East Timor dumps spying case against Australia for 'good faith' oil, gas boundary talks [24 January] SMH
  • East Timor, Australia discuss sea boundary [24 January] 9 News
  • Fox politics in the Year of the Rooster [17 January] Spectator
  • Timorese have had a win but could still lose big-time [16 January] Eureka Street
  • Permanent maritime boundary negotiations between East Timor and Australia likely to further delay key gas project [16 January] IHS
  • Australia should meet East Timor halfway on maritime boundary [14 January] The Australian
  • Timor-Leste: Boundary treaty renegotiation is in Australia's interests [13 January] Lowy Interpreter
  • Timor Sea turmoil complicates life for Darwin LNG [12 January] Australian Financial Review
  • A line in the water [12 January] Inside Story
  • Development of Greater Sunrise gas field in East Timor could be decades away [12 January] ABC Rural
  • Woodside Petroleum waiting on Australia-East Timor maritime deal to develop Greater Sunrise [11 January] ABC News
  • For East Timor, maritime boundary is not about oil. It's about pride. [11 January] Crikey Insider
  • Fears of Jakarta boundary play for gas grab in Sunrise field [11 January] The Australian
  • Timor-Leste Seeks a Better Maritime Border with Australia [11 January] The Diplomat
  • Resources crucial in Timor Sea [11 January] The Australian
  • Oil slick: East Timor wins battle, but Australia could yet win resources war [10 January] Crikey Insider
  • East Timor axes Australia border treaty over oil reserves [10 January] BBC
  • Timor-Leste runs the risk of a pyrrhic victory [10 January] Lowy Interpreter
  • Australia's unscrupulous pursuit of East Timor's oil needs to stop [10 January] SMH
  • A welcome reversal on Timor Gap [10 January] Canberra Times
  • East Timor to capitalise on economic opportunities [10 January] ABC Radio
  • Australia yields on East Timor 'oil treaty' [10 January] The Australian
  • The former President of East Timor - Jose Ramos Horta -has welcomed the decision to abandon the oil and gas treaty with Australia [10 January] ABC RN Breakfast
  • What's behind Timor-Leste terminating its maritime treaty with Australia [9 January] The Conversation
  • Australia bows to East Timor to kill controversial gas field treaty [9 January] Reuters
  • 2006 treaty signed with Timor-Leste torn up [9 January] ABC Radio National PM
  • Timor Leste 'no better off in short term' despite sea treaty cancellation [9 January] SBS
  • East Timor tears up oil and gas treaty with Australia after Hague dispute [9 January] ABC News
  • Australia and Timor-Leste to negotiate permanent maritime boundary [9 January] The Guardian
  • Timor-Leste maritime boundary,oil revenue deal to be renegotiated [9 January] Australian Financial Review
  • East Timor calls time on oil and gas treaty with Australia [9 January] The New Daily
  • Australia makes historic shift on Timor Sea boundary, agrees to negotiate [9 January] Mark Skulley
  • Spying fallout: East Timor to tear up oil and gas treaty with Australia [9 January] The Age
  • Timor Sea 2006 treaty to be terminated [9 January] AAP
  • Joint Statement by the Governments of Timor-Leste and Australia and the Conciliation Commission [9 January] GoTL

November 2016

  • Australians back Timor-Leste in maritime dispute [14 November] TAI
  • New poll calls for fairness for East Timor [12 November] AAP

October 2016

  • Nobel winner calls on Australia to show 'fair go' over $40b Timor Sea oil [27 October] Brisbane Times
  • After court ruling, Australia and East Timor discuss maritime boundary [13 October] Reuters
  • A good day in The Hague [4 October] The Monthly

September 2016

  • Court to arbitrate East Timor-Australia maritime dispute [27 September] BBC
  • Timor Leste secures win in claiming oil and gas reserves in Timor Sea [27 September] ABC Radio
  • Court Rules Australia Must Talk with East Timor Over Oil Fields [26 September] WSJ
  • Timor Sea Conciliation - Joint Media Release  [26 September] Australian Government 
  • Court to hear Australia, East Timor border row [26 September] ABC TV The World
  • Global court agrees to take up Timor, Australia sea border row [26 September] ABC
  • Australia receives 'drubbing' by UN commission over East Timor maritime borders [26 September] ABC Radio
  • Hague to arbitrate Aust, East Timor boundary [26 September] Sky News
  • Australia fails in attempt to block Timor-Leste maritime boundary case [26 September] The Guardian
  • Global court takes up Timor Leste, Australia sea border row [26 September] Straits Times
  • Australian Objections in Timor Sea Case Thrown Out [26 September] Mark Skulley Blog
  • Australia loses attempt to knock out East Timor's maritime boundary complaint [26 September] The Age
  • East Timor takes Australia to court over oil-tinged maritime boundary dispute FSRN
  • Timor Sea needs good-faith talk, not double-faced bully [9 September] Xinhua
  • Canberra should ditch double standards over maritime law [6 September] Global Times
  • Overlapping claims in the Timor Sea [5 September] Lowy Interpreter
  • East Timor Deserves a Fair Hearing on Maritime Boundary [4 September] The Age
  • Timor-Leste backing oil development before Hague ruling [3 September] Saturday Paper
  • Timor praises Indon over sea border talks [2 September] AAP
  • Special commission quizzes Australia and East Timor in bid to broker sea dispute [2 September] The Age
  • UN hearing puts spotlight on Timor Sea [1 September] Interfax Natural Gas Daily
  • Australia dismisses arbitration by PCA on Timor Sea [1 September] China People's Daily
  • Aus should play by rules on Timor: Wong [1 September] AAP
  • Australia should commit to dispute resolution with Timor-Leste [1 September] Lowy Interpreter

August 2016

  • Right but wrong: Australia is using legalism to delay resolution of the Timor sea boundary dispute [31 August] WA Today
  • How Australia and Timor-Leste Ended Up at The Hague in Arbitration [30 August] The Diplomat
  • Xanana Gusmao calls on Australia to respect international law in Timor Sea dispute [30 August] ABC
  • Timor-Leste takes Australia to the Hague over sea boundaries [30 August] ABC Radio Law Report
  • New deal for Timor Gap would cement sovereignty: Gusmao [30 August] The Australian
  • Australia and East Timor begin conciliation talks over disputed maritime boundary [30 August] ABC RN Breakfast
  • Conciliation between Australia and Timor-Leste [30 August] Australian Government
  • Timor-Leste urges Australia 'not to turn its back on law' over maritime boundary [29 August] The Guardian
  • East Timor says Australia took advantage of a vulnerable nation, demands Timor Sea treaty torn up [30 August] ABC
  • Britain and Norway's model solution for the Timor Sea [29 August] Eureka Street
  • Australia rejects jurisdiction of East Timor's bid to broker maritime dispute [29 August] SMH
  • Australia and East Timor to face off in landmark Hague hearing [29 August] DPA
  • Timor takes Australia to UN on sea border [29 August] AAP
  • Timor takes Australia to independent UN umpire to settle oil and gas dispute [29 August] ABC Radio
  • Aust Govt Defends Status Quo in Timor Sea [29 August] Mark Skulley Blog 
  • Conciliation between Australia and Timor-Leste [29 August] Australian Government
  • On Timor, Australia looks like it's denying an impoverished neighbour its birthright [29 August] The Guardian
  • Has Australia Really Changed its Stance on a Maritime Border with Timor-Leste? [28 August] Mark Skulley Blog
  • East Timor-Australia maritime border dispute set to be negotiated at The Hague [28 August] ABC
  • East Timor claims a win on boundary dispute with Australia [27 August] The Australian 
  • Australia & Timor-Leste to give statements at conciliation commission hearing next week [25 August] Australian Embassy

July 2016

  • Rui Maria De Araújo: Timor-Leste a "Triumph of the International System" [20 July] Asia Society
  • East Timor eyes gap in Timor Sea row with Australia [16 July] The Australian
  • South China Sea row: what's at stake for Australia [16 July] The Australian
  • Australia is guilty of same misconduct as China over our treatment of East Timor [14  July] The Age
  • Australia's role in South China Sea dispute 'to deescalate tensions' [12 July] ABC
  • Timor reckons China law of the sea verdict has lessons for Australia [12 July] ABC
  • Australia supports peaceful dispute resolution in the South China Sea [12 July] AUS Gov
  • Permanent Court of Arbitration links to Press Release and Award [12July] PCA
  • High stakes on the high seas: Philippines v China at The Hague [12 July] SMH

Also exchanges in the Lowy Interpreter:

  • South China Sea: A course-correction needed [15 July] Lowy Interpreter
  • The PCA ruling, Australia and Timor-Leste [20 July] Lowy Interpreter
  • DFAT on China and Timor-Leste: No 'two-step' but one, considered approach [21 July] Lowy Interpreter 

June 2016

  • Former Timor Leste leader Gusmao's last big battle [29 June] Jakarta Post
  • Timor-Leste: Australia is Behaving Like China in Disputed Water [28 June] Foreign Policy
  • East Timor-Australia maritime border major issue for several Brisbane parishes [25 June] Catholic Leader
  • Bishop, Plibersek spar over foreign aid [21 June] SBS
  • Labor seeks to end Timor dispute [21 June] AAP
  • It's Time to Draw the Line: Justice in the Timor Sea [21 June] The Good Oil
  • Australia row hampers East Timor's oil ambitions [13 June] BBC
  • Timor-Leste pushes Australia to conciliation [4 June] Saturday Paper
  • Timor-Leste Blazing a Trail for Maritime Dispute Resolution [3 June] Diplomat

May 2016

  • Election 2016: Tanya Plibersek slams 'false' Greens foreign policy [31 May] SMH
  • International judicial bodies a viable alternative to border disputes [20 May] Jakarta Post
  • Election 2016: How a change of government in Australia might change the world [17 May] SMH
  • Australia is a bad neighbour and we should be better than this [1 May] Brisbane Times

April 2016

  • East Timor's first president slams Australia over oil [27 April] Western Independent
  • Timor-Leste tests the waters of UN law in maritime dispute with Australia [24 April] Channel News Asia
  • Jose Ramos Horta: Australia needs to negotiate not litigate with neighbours [24 April] Brisbane Times
  • East Timor is as mad as hell, and it's our fault [14 April] Crikey
  • Timor-Leste Brings Maritime Dispute with Australia to United Nations [14 April] Inter Press Service
  • East Timor to take Australia to UN over maritime border [14 April] ABC
  • Contrasting party policies emerge over maritime boundary with East Timor [14 April] SBS
  • Labor will give Timor a new deal on oil if it wins election [12 April] ABC
  • East Timor takes Australia to UN over sea border [11 April] SMH
  • East Timor is taking Australia to the United Nations to solve the dispute over its maritime border under international law [11 April] ABC
  • East Timor escalates boundary dispute with Australia [11 April] SBS
  • East Timor takes Australia to UN over sea border [11 April] ABC
  • Timor takes Australia to the UN to conciliate their unresolved dispute over a maritime boundary [11 April] ABC
  • Greens Welcome East Timor Conciliation [11 April] Greens
  • East Timor launches UN campaign to pressure Australia to agree permanent maritime borders [11 April] South China Morning Post
  • Dili protests show Timor-Leste is speaking with one voice on maritime boundary [11 April] Lowy Interpreter

March 2016

  • Timor Sea treaties show Australia's commitment to rules-based order [4 March] Lowy Interpreter
  • The Prime Minister of East Timor meets with Pope Francis [3 March] Rome Reports
  • Aust ignoring border dispute: Timor MPs [3 March] AAP
  • Timor Sea protest group calls for GG's help in maritime dispute [3 March] Asia Pacific Report
  • Timor: Rules-based order and spying [3 March] Lowy Interpreter
  • New border talks with East Timor unlikely [2 March] AAP
  • PM Malcolm Turnbull disappoints East Timor on talks on maritime boundary [1 March] SMH

February 2016

  • The Rape of East Timor: "Sounds like fun" [25 February] John Pilger
  • Australia must end its occupation of Timor Sea: Observer [25 February] Antara
  • Timor-Leste protesters urge Australia to settle boundary dispute [24 February] UCA
  • Protesters in Dili want Australia to settle oil dispute with East Timor [23 February] SMH
  • Hundreds protest outside Australian embassy in Dili [23 February] Global Post
  • 'Sounds like fun': Aussie diplomats mocked reports of Indonesian rape and murder of Timorese [22 February] SMH
  • Oil, spies and sea cucumbers: East Timor takes on Australia [21 February] SMH
  • Timor-Leste Prepares for Sunrise Project Even as Development Stays Elusive [15 February] Rigzone
  • East Timor may drop spying case against Australia if new maritime border struck [15 February] The Age
  • East Timor to Malcolm Turnbull: Let's start talks on maritime boundary [15 February] SMH
  • East Timor: Concession is the price for a rules-based order [15 February] Lowy Interpreter
  • How far is fair enough? New moves in Timor Gap's 40-plus years of boundary battles [15 February] Lowy Interpreter
  • Doing right by East Timor should be bipartisan policy [12 February] ABC The Drum
  • East Timor border: Be careful what you wish for [11 February] Lowy Interpreter
  • DFAT defends spy's passport rejection [11 February] Advertiser
  • DFAT not told of Labor's East Timor plan [11 February] SBS
  • Labor wants to repair ties with East Timor and renegotiate maritime border in wake of bugging scandal, Tanya Plibersek says [10 February] ABC
  • Tanya Plibersek: Australia must restore 'poisoned relations" with Timor-Leste [10 February] Guardian
  • Labor offers new maritime boundary deal for East Timor [10 February] SMH
  • East Timor spying case cost $1 million [9 February] AAP
  • Witness K must be freed [3 February] Crikey
  • East Timor bugging scandal: Julie Bishop rejects former spy's bid to have passport returned [3 February] ABC

January 2016

  • Malcolm Turnbull's foreign policy hypocrisy on East Timor [25 January] SMH
  • Challenges and Opportunities: The View From Timor-Leste [19 January] Diplomat

December 2015

  • Blind Eyes: Indonesia's Fretlin Hit-List and Australia's Quiet Support For It [14 December] New Matilda

November 2015

  • Nick Xenophon calls for royal commission into East Timor spying scandal [27 November] ABC
  • Nick Xenophon urges inquiry into bugging of Timor-Leste oil and gas treaty talks [27 November] Guardian
  • Top lawyer says Australia has criminal case to answer over East Timor spying scandal [27 November] ABC
  • We need to hold East Timor spies to account[26 November] Crikey
  • East Timorese leaders accuse Australia of committing a crime by sending spies to bug Dili Cabinet office [Lateline Transcript Part 1, 25 November] ABC
  • Australia-East Timor spying scandal: senior lawyer says ‘crime was committed’ [Lateline Transcript Part 2, 27 November] ABC
  • ‘Matter of death and life’: Espionage in East Timor and Australia’s diplomatic bungle [26 November] ABC
  • East Timor appealing for Australian public’s support in border dispute, minister says [17 November] ABC

October 2015

  • Desire to settle permanent maritime boundaries - Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão [31 October] Saturday Paper
  • Doublespeak on Timor-Leste - Dave Lisle [24 October] Saturday Paper 
  • Australia stands by Timor treaties - Julie Bishop [17 October] Saturday Paper
  • A stabilized East Timor creating opportunities for foreign businesses [23 October] Nikkei

September 2015

  • East Timor starts new gas field arbitration [24 September]Business Spectator
  • East Timor scraps sea-border talks with Australia [24 September] WSJ
  • Horta: I'm hopeful and convinced we can work out an improved maritime agreement [23 September] Tempo Semanal
  • Senate Estimates, Australian Parliament, Brandis and Bilyk [20 September] Hansard
  • I thought Australia wanted to help East Timor, not take its oil [20 September] ABC
  • DFAT response to above article DFAT

August 2015

  • RI, Timor Leste agree to resolve border problems, boost ties [27 August] Jakarta Post
  • East Timor PM seeks to diversify economy with help of oil fund [26 August] Reuters

July 2015

  • Timor Credibility Gap [28 July] Nick Xenophon
  • Labor commits to negotiating maritime boundary with East Timor [27 July] ABC
  • Labor backs talks on new maritime boundary with East Timor [26 July] SMH