Screenings of Time to Draw the Line

February 20th is United Nations World Day of Social Justice.  It has been chosen as the day for the documentary Time to Draw the Line to be screened via DEMAND.FILM (it can also be screened other days). Time to Draw the Line is directed and produced by Amanda King and Fabio Cavadini with Associate Producers Ines de Almeida and Janelle Saffin.

The idea is that YOU can become an organiser of the screening of the film which will happen in a cinema near you.

All you need to do is go to  DEMAND.FILM and follow the prompts. 

Please consider doing this. Maybe a few in the same area could get together and organise.

Wouldn't it be great if many screenings would happen all over Australia on Social Justice day!

TIMFO is organising a screening at Event Cinemas Burwood in NSW. To book your tickets click here.

There are currently screenings planned for NSW, Victoria and South Australia. Find out more here.

Alexander Weilsmann is the Impact Producer for Time to Draw the Line. Please let him know if you organise a screening or if you have any questions. []