There are plenty of ways to help.

Read and distribute this flyer:
Flyer - Draw the Border

Senate Inquiry:
Call for Senate Inquiry
Letter to Senators
Discussion Points - Senators

Visit your MP:

Letter to MPs- asking for appointment
Brief History of Timor Sea matters
Discussion Points -handy for meetings with MPs

Here are some ideas:

  • ask your Federal and State Member about their position on the Timor-Sea. Let them know what concerns you.
  • organise a screening of the film Time to Draw the Line in your local area - its easy! - see here.
  • respond to traditional and social media on the issue

One of the most effective means of supporting justice in the Timor Sea is to engage with your local Member of Parliament to discuss Timor Sea issues. We have developed materials to help you. 

If you need the contact details of your local Member, put your post code into the search field here and then click on the MP's name. Alternatively download a PDF file of contact details for Senators or Members or a csv file that can be opened in Excel for Senators or Members.

Here is a letter for sending to your Federal Member of Parliament. It is in Word so that you can put your details in it, or change the content. We encourage you to make the letter more personal, perhaps by adding your own thoughts or experiences concerning Timor-Leste. (There is a pdf version here too.) Here are some discussion points which could assist.

Going to visit your Member of Parliament for a chat is also highly recommended! If this is something that you may be able to do please be in touch using the form below which connects you directly with Sister Susan. This is so that we can support you, keep track of who is being visited and get some feedback regarding your experience.

Some of our group have discovered that many MPs have very little knowledge about the Timor Sea issue and appreciate hearing more about it. 

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Our flyers "Draw the Border" and Background to the Timor Sea Dispute. Here you will find concise information - always a help.

Here's another one - with pictures.

For other resources, including the very helpful Policy Paper from the Maritime Boundary Office please visit our Resources Page.

A Senate Inquiry is an effective public means of holding government accountable. It raises the profile of an issue, has the power to subpoena witnesses, and is a means of keeping some pressure on government.