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TIMFO.ORG is the website of the NSW Timor Sea Justice Forum and supports East Timor's campaign to determine its maritime boundary with Australia.

There is no maritime boundary between our two countries, only provisional arrangements for resource sharing. The Timorese people say that "drawing the line" is an important and final step in fully determining their sovereign territory.

The video trailer for a new documentary "Timor to Draw the Line" gives you a glimpse of the history and context of this final struggle.

In the second video you can hear East Timor's leadership being very clear about what they are seeking from the Government of Australia. They put their position with passion, precision, and with one voice.

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This map shows what the boundary is likely to look like according to the application of international law - courtesy of Timor-Leste's Maritime Boundary Office

This map shows what the boundary is likely to look like according to the application of international law - courtesy of Timor-Leste's Maritime Boundary Office


17 January 2016

The recent news that Australia has agreed to negotiate maritime boundaries with Timor-Leste is welcome, but there are many loose ends and unknowns. Given the history, we cannot afford to be complacent.


The Melbourne Timor Sea Justice Campaign has mounted an online petition to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

I ask you urgently to consider signing this petition and to send it far and wide to friends and family, and to use social media to get it to all whom you know, and to those you don’t know.

Every signature is important. It is essential that a strong message be sent.


We encourage you to continue to make arrangements to visit your Federal MP. A suggested letter asking for an appointment,  a list of discussion points and other resources are available.

Members of the NSW Forum are keen to assist with visits to MPs if necessary, and are happy to accompany people to such meetings. Send us a message through the form on the resources page.


Sister Susan Connelly

Sister Susan Connelly

The Timor Sea issue is still very much alive, and that it cannot be forgotten simply because of a political promise of some future change. This matter is not over until there is a fair and permanent border between our two nations. Nothing less will do.

Till we see justice in the Timor Sea.

Sister Susan


6 January 2016


And so into 2017. May I take this opportunity on behalf of the NSW Timor Sea Justice Forum to thank you for your interest in and support of East Timor's maritime boundary aspirations. 2016 was a year of major developments and we have chronicled some of them in the latest blog post "And now ... 2017"

As I see it 2017 is a year to ramp up the pressure, visit our local Members of Parliament and make sure that Canberra knows that we support a prompt and proper resolution of this issue. Representatives of our Government are finally, reluctantly, talking about this issue in the forum provided by the UN Conciliation. They need to know we care and we are watching. 

Timor is looking for a  boundary that is consistent with international law. They showed clearly in The Hague opening statements what they think that would look like, based on the three step process established in international maritime arbitration. 

2017 could see this issue finally move closer to a proper resolution - but - it is certainly not a forgone conclusion and it is not a time to 'take our foot off the pedal.'So there will be more events, more interventions in Canberra, more film screenings and more visits to Members of Parliament. Please stay on board! Timor needs you.

Check out our page on what you can do - and be in touch. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks again for your support in 2016 - and here's to a wonderful 2017 for our Timorese friends. May it be the year which sees some long overdue justice on the boundary issue and a year of peace, development and achievement for our 'neighbours to the north'.

Viva Timor-Leste!

6 January 2017

Till we see justice in the Timor Sea.

Sister Susan